Workers’ Rights

Iowans deserve laws that treat employers and employees fairly.  That is why I will fight to restore:

  • Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Workers’ Compensation 
  • Workplace Safety

Workers’ rights benefit employers and employees.  Iowans have used collective bargaining to ensure that workers are paid well for the work they do, that they are able to work in safe conditions and that injuries incurred on the job will be compensated.

People forget what unions have brought to working people.  The forty-hour work week, child labor laws, workmen’s compensation and workplace safety are all the result of unions.  My grandfather, an immigrant coal miner, spoke with respect of John L. Lewis and the difference he made in the lives of coal miners.  My dad worked for 35 years at John Deere Harvester Works as a proud member of the UAW.  My dad is 90 hears old, has now been retired longer than he was employed and still pays his union dues each month.  My husband once served as the head of the Eddyville teachers association. We know what it is to be a union family and we have experienced the benefits that union membership made in our lives.