I’m fighting for us, Iowans who’ve been hurt by the laws passed in the last session with the threat of worse to come.  This past legislative session the Republican majority attempted to break the public unions that protect our teachers, firefighters, police, and our other vital civil servants; roll-back women’s health; starve DHS of the proper funding it needs to help us care for the most vulnerable of our Iowa neighbors, family, and friends; and shatter the financial well-being of our state with giveaways to large corporations. For the 2018 Session, they have already planned more to afflict Iowa, exemplified by Senate File 45, which threatens to dismantle the IPERS program as we know it.  I know I am doing all that I can to stop this assault on our communities.  We’re in this together and I pledge to work every day to make Iowa a better place to live and work.

Learn about my view on issues facing Southern Iowans here, I’ll be posting more as the campaign moves forward: